Local and mobile internet marketing have become two of the latest advertising trends. Both promise to be essential to the future success of businesses everywhere, regardless of the industry. Those companies that fail to adjust their marketing strategies to include both will be left behind. Playing catch-up is almost always tough and usually requires much more of a financial investment then if a company were to get in when the trend was first developing. Right now is the ideal time to jump into mobile and local online marketing. It’s new, fresh, effective and profitable for those that know what they are doing. This is true for businesses everywhere, whether based in a metropolis or a Suburb.

An increasing number of businesses are beginning to understand the importance and value of local internet marketing. Before consumers make purchases from local stores or hire local service companies, many of them check online first. They might do so to compare prices or to research and then choose a service provider. Instead of using a phone book, many people prefer to log into their computers and check out local companies, i.e., what products or services they provide and for what price. Savvy companies are making sure that they can be found when consumers are looking online for products and services. By doing so, they have a significant advantage over those companies that are solely reliant on foot traffic and local, offline marketing. These companies are potentially losing sales. By missing out on those buyers that use the internet to locate and qualify local shops and service providers, they are leaving money on the table.

Consider the following:

Suppose a consumer requires a local dentist. This consumer may opt to do a search using their favourite internet search engine. Entering a keyword such as “dentist” in the search bar, the consumer is almost instantly given local search results with a map providing all the locations of local dentists within a five kilometre radius of their location!

Local online advertising isn’t the only popular, marketing trend. Another is mobile marketing and this one is huge! Mobile marketing has become incredibly popular because more and more people own mobile handsets and use them to browse the internet. Mobile handsets have the potential to be a marketing goldmine for savvy businesses. The audience is captive and the reach pretty unbelievable. Individuals and/or businesses have the ability to reach millions of mobile phone users. However, in order to effectively exploit this reach, companies have to be creative. Buying mobile ads is one option. However, it is easy for these to simply blend in and be ignored. Other mobile, advertising options include creating apps that people can either purchase or download for free.

Local online marketing and mobile advertising are both trends that businesses must educate themselves on. Both offer companies the opportunity to increase their market share and gain new customers. Technology is advancing so fast, companies must do what they can to both stay abreast and take advantage of the advances so that they don’t get left behind or leave potential profits on the table. Again, this is true, regardless of where a company is located. Companies in the suburbs need to be just as aware of this fact as those in the big cities.

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